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Daily Podcast (07.06.15)

Today’s Show Includes: Marisa Rappelling & Cowboy Food Terms (:00)… Chris Kattan in Studio (:21)… Great Pop Culture Challenge Part One (:50)… Bizarre Files (1:21)… Great Pop Culture Challenge Part Two (1:30)… Wife Temper Tantrum Video & PMS (1:49)… Bizarre Files (2:11)… Hollywood Trash & Billy Campbell in Studio (2:18)
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Recap From D.C. Foo Fighters Show

You just knew Dave Grohl wasn’t going to take having a broken leg sitting down. And he did so by, well, sitting down during the Foo Fighters’ return to the stage on Saturday (July 4) in Washington, D.C., the group’s first performance since Grohl broke his leg after falling from the stage on June 12…