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Daily Podcast (03.23.18)

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Brent Smith Talks New Shinedown Album [INTERVIEW]

Our very own Brent Porche chats with his brother from another mother Brent Smith (frontman) from Shinedown!  Brent touches on everything from Shinedown's new album ATTENTION ATTENTION (due out May 4th, 2018), to their new world tour - which makes a stop through the Philadelphia area for an MMR Concert Event with Godsmack & Red…

#449 Hotel Analfornia: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Flush!

A man was arrested for attacking a dog owner with a tennis ball launcher… a popular YouTuber claims that his videogame “training” has killed his sex drive, girlfriend found Tinder on his phone, attacked him with a samurai sword… the parents of a child were arrested after they were exposed to pornography at school… Dutch…