Nugent “Intoxicatingly Happy” On “ShutUp&Jam”

LAS VEGAS - JULY 30: Rock artist Ted Nugent performs at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino during his Uncle Ted Remember the Alamo tour, July 30, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ted Nugent
's new album, "ShutUp&Jam," screams its way into the world today (July 8), the Motor City Madman's first set of new material in seven years.

Nugent co-produced the set with Brownsville Station's Michael Lutz and Sponge members Tim and Andy Patalan, and, though he's never short on hyperbole, he tells us that the album reflects a particularly good time in his life:

"Music so represents where a person is. I'm intoxicatingly happy...I think the freshness, the garage band piss 'n' vinegar factor which has always been a powerful driving force in all of my music and my life, obviously, but now more than ever these songs represent such spontaneous combustion. Every day, when I come in from doing my chores and doing my lifestyle, I pick up the guitar every day and these songs just happened. There was no inhibitions. There was no agenda. I didn't go 'Hmm, maybe I should exult that we all shut up and jam.' I just started playing the lick and started singing."

"Shutup&Jam" features guest appearances by Sammy Hagar, longtime Nugent singer Derek St. Holmes and Detroit Wheels/Rockets drummer Johnny Bee Badanjek. Nugent has previously told us he has enough material to record a follow-up album in short order. He's currently on tour, with dates booked into mid-August.