Tom Morello Plays LA Picket Line, Announces March In Detroit

Besides his guitar playing, Tom Morello is also known for his activism, and on a break from performing with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Morello has taken to a couple of different causes.

Earlier this week, Morello joined picket lines at the Port of Los Angeles in support of striking truck drivers who are fighting to be reclassified as employees, instead of independent contractors, which is allowing transportation services companies to deduct fuel costs and maintenance fees from their paychecks.

On top of that, Morello sent out a tweet this week calling on residents of Detroit to gather in protest of the controversial shutoff of water to many poverty-stricken Detroit homes that are behind on their water bills.

These shutoffs have brought national coverage to this issue, considering Detroit’s current bankruptcy woes, and has been called a “violation of international human rights” by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

No word yet if Morello will make his presence known in Detroit on July 18th, but if there’s anyone willing to make the trip and fight for this issue, you bet it’s The Nightwatchman.