Fuel’s Brett Scallions Talks “Puppet Strings,” Performing New Songs

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 18: Singer Brett Scallions of the band Fuel performs at the 'Youth Concert' hosted by Jenna and Barbara Bush at the DC Armory, January 18, 2005 in Washington DC. The concert is one if the first events kicking off inauguration week with President Bush being sworn in on January 20th to serve his second term as US president.
For the rest of the summer and the fall, Fuel will be on the road to promote Puppet Strings, the band’s first new album since 2007’s Angels & Devils and the first album in ten years to feature original vocalist Brett Scallions.

Scallions recently spoke with WDHAFM’s Terrie Carr and expressed what it felt like when Puppet Strings debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Charts back in March:

“It’s a great feeling!  It means the fans are there, and it’s a wonderful thing.  Thank God!  It’s hard for bands, especially…I hadn’t made a Fuel record in over ten years, and you know when you’re going into it again, and you’re trying to make a new record, you do have to ask yourself, ‘Man, are they going to be there for this?’”

Obviously, fans gave him a resounding “yes” to that question.

Of course, while Scallions said making the album was a great experience, he also mentioned that production on the album did get a bit trying, at times:

“It was a loving labor, that’s for sure.  You know, I had a great time making the record and stuff.  It took us almost two years to make the record.  And that was of course when we were doing tours in between, tracking it and things like that.  But there was a certain point where I was like, ‘I just wanna get this over with!’  I just wanted to get it done, you know.”   

At the end of it all, every ounce of work paid off, especially at recently live shows:

“Man…you know, it’s been great!  I’ve been seeing more and more people singing along to the new songs every time I walk onto the stage.  It’s such a good feeling man!  Hallelujah!” 

Fuel’s next show is on July 29th at the famed Whiskey A Go-Go in West Hollywood, Calif.  For more details on Fuel’s current U.S. tour, head over to FuelRocks.com.