New Documentary On Metallica’s First Euro Headlining Gig Now Streaming

If you have 30 minutes to spare today, I highly suggest watching this Dutch documentary about Metallica’s first headlining show in Europe.

Containing exclusive interviews from Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich, this documentary (titled “How Metallica Raised Hell in De Westereen”) offers a fond look back on this historic 1984 show, including how the venue’s owner misspelled the band’s name on the tickets (He only put one “L” in Metallica) and how he accidently gave Metallica top-billing over the intended headlining act Twisted Sister

Sure…most wouldn’t think twice of giving Metallica the headlining slot these days (unless you’re a bunch of uptight British rockers afraid of metal tarnishing the legacy of a well-known festival), but that was nearly unheard of back in 1984.

The venue in De Westereen is now home to a flea market, but the concert poster from that night still hangs on the wall.

If only those walls could talk.