AC/DC Biographer Talks Malcolm Young, New Album

UNITED STATES - MARCH 11: ROSELAND BALLROOM Photo of AC DC and AC/DC and Malcolm YOUNG, Malcolm Young performing live onstage playing Gretsch 6131 Jet Firebird guitar
The rock world was shaken up yesterday after Jesse Fink, the AC/DC biographer behind the recently released book The Youngs:  The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, said in an interview that he wasn’t “expecting to see Malcolm (Young) return” to the band, to which many news outlets translated into that he was done for good.

Fink spoke to WDHA’s Morning Jolt, and while he stuck mostly to his original statement, he did elaborate on the current state of AC/DC, including the addition of Angus and Malcolm’s nephew, Stevie Young, to the band’s lineup:
“Yeah, very interesting topic… there are all these stories saying that Malcolm Young is never going to return to the band.  And certainly, what I said was. ‘I don’t expect him to return to the band’, and I say that having heard a lot of stories on what his condition is, and I think it’s a fairly reasonable deduction to kind of make.  I don’t think when AC/DC makes their tour announcement and their album announcement in the next couple of months that Malcolm’s gonna be on stage with the boys, because he’s dealing with a fairly significant issue, which Brian Johnson has even talked about himself.  He said, ‘Look, Malcom is dealing with a debilitating illness.’  It’s not something that’s gonna be easily kind of resolved in the short term.  I think we can expect that Stevie Young, who is their nephew, is going to fill in for Malcolm.”

On the topic of Stevie Young, Fink also touched on Stevie’s presence on the new AC/DC album, as well as his past experience with the band on tour:

“Well, I heard on very good authority, and I can’t tell you who that was, but I heard from someone who’s inside the AC/DC camp, who said it was as good as Black Ice, if not better.  So, obviously Stevie Young has done a great job, and he’s really stepped into the shoes of Malcolm and has done a great job.  Of course, Stevie, you gotta remember, filled in for Malcolm on the 1988 leg of their North American tour.  And a lot people didn’t know it was actually Stevie on stage, you know, he did it so well.”

Better than Black Ice?  To those of you who don’t own that 2008 release (and shame on you for not!), that album was a huge success and definitely a return to form for AC/DC after their previous album, 2000’s Stiff Upper Lip, which was definitely more blues-influenced.  It sounds like fans are in for another great album…and, apparently, another tour!