The Black Keys Launch Video For “Weight Of Love”

Finally!  The NSFW, cult-themed music video follow-up to The Black Keys’ “Fever” we’ve all been waiting for!

Alright, so maybe we ALL haven’t been waiting for a video like this, but there’s no taking away from the simply stunning cinematography of “Weight of Love” and the brilliant way it links to the televangelist throw-back plot of the “Fever” video.

The all women cult featured in the clip seem to base their day around topless laundry in the morning (hence the NSFW tag) followed by some aggressive calisthenics that would make Richard Simmons proud. 

We’ll have to wait to see if there will be a third part to help make sense of whatever story The Keys are trying to tell, but no doubt about it, “Weight of Love” is a video that definitely stays with you.