Moneytalks: AC/DC’s Big Price Tag For Using Their Music In Film

WILKES-BARRE, PA - OCTOBER 28: Singer Brian Johnson(L) and Angus Young of AC/DC perform during their 'Black Ice' Tour Opener on October 28, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
When it comes to allowing their music to be used in film, AC/DC doesn’t mess around.

In the embedded clip below from Variety’s Artisans series, a number of music supervisors gathered to discuss how much it costs to secure the rights to use a hit song in the film.  When asked the most any music supervisor has paid to use one song, Thomas Golubic (who’s done work from Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) said he paid $500,000 for the use of “Thunderstruck” in Varsity Blues.

Half a million dollars?!  And that was for the live version!  What would have the studio version cost?  A full million?!

Considering the type of business deals we’ve learned AC/DC has been involved with in the past, this shouldn’t be that surprising, but it’s hard to get over that sticker shock.

Just imagine how much was shelled out by the folks from Mavel Studios/Paramount Pictures for the use of AC/DC's tunes in Iron Man 2, which made up the entire soundtrack.