JDT - Jaxon's Local Shots Artist of the Month

Joey DiTullio (JDT) is a budding, Jersey-born rock star, boasting huge guitar tones and a vintage rock and roll sound. Joey has been playing the guitar since he was a young child and has always had an ear for songwriting. Playing in a mix of different bands early on, Joey was able to learn from top area professionals as he cultivated his own style. He brings a special talent to the stage when playing guitar, but also places heavy emphasis on entertaining the audience. His signature head of hair, coupled with a vibing 70’s style, fully complete the concert experience.


Throughout his years in the Philadelphia music scene, Joey has worked with some of the nation’s best musicians and producers. Recording and performing with the likes of David Uosikkinen (The Hooters), Paul Hammond (Get the Led Out), Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett; The Yardbirds), and Phil Nicolo (Studio 4) has given Joey front line experience as he looks to bolster his own project.


Back in early 2015, Joey cultivated his vision and created JDT, an all original, riff-oriented rock band, blasting a fresh new sound with Joey behind the wheel. Joey is always working on new material, and the band’s live performances are both unpredictable and unforgettable. Joey has hand-picked each member of the band to create a musical chemistry that makes every show a unique experience.



The excitement surrounding JDT is palpable, as people anxiously await their every move. The JDT team works around the clock to bring rock and roll back to the forefront while expanding their fan base to a higher level. Joey’s drive is unmatched, and all the hard work is not going unnoticed. Just make sure you can see the stage.

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See the band LIVE at Harper's Pub in Clementon, NJ on November 12th - Details are HERE

David Uosikkinen's Songs In The Pocket "Shelter Me" in 360-degree VR - Directed by Steve Acito

David Uosikkinen's Songs In The Pocket "Shelter Me" in 360-degree VR - Directed by Steve Acito

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