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Adorable Special Needs Pups Join Puppy Bowl XIII Line Up

The fluffiest and, dare we say, best sporting event all year just announced their roster.

Seventy-eight different puppies from thirty-four shelters across America will be either a part of Team Ruff or Team Fluff in Puppy Bowl 2017. However, this year holds a first in Puppy Bowl history. Three adorable puppies joining the line up have special needs.

Lucky, a Terrier mix might only have three legs, but don’t let that fool you! He’s fast, strong, and determined to win.

Lucky Fin Project on Twitter

The @PedigreeUS Puppy Bowl lineup was just announced and we're rooting for Lucky! @PuppyBowl2017 ??#limbdifferenceawareness

Winston, an Australian Shepherd, is sight and hearing impaired. However, he will sniff out those treats and toys in order to score.

bringmethebradley on Twitter

Puppy bowl time !!!! i'm rooting for winston he has vision and hearing impairments, but look how cute he is #PuppyBowl #winstonpuppybowl

Doober, an English Pointer, is deaf, but has an eagle-eye to see a pass. on Twitter

We know you remember our little rescue pup Doobert and he is about to become an all-star! He is on his way to the Puppy Bowl #PuppyBowl

The rest of the puppies can be seen on Who will bark their way to glory and extra treats? Find out Sunday, February 5 from 3-5 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet!


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