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Heart Shaped Pizzas are the Best #FAIL of 2017 (so far)

The trendiest / tastiest way to show your love this  Valentine's Day was with a Heart Shape Pizza. The promotional photos showed a flawless pie lined with perfectly place pepperonis. Then real life happened.

We have to assume the pizza shops were cranking out pies all night to keep up  with the orders, unfortunately the results were not so pretty....

Hey, they tried!

jillian on Twitter

I ordered a heart shaped pizza @PapaJohns ...what is this???

ємιℓу on Twitter

Orders a heart shaped pizza...get this @pizzahut

At least they didn't chew it up for you too

MorningFinesse on Twitter

@pizzahut this was supposed to be a heart.

This one is not that bad

julianna on Twitter

@pizzahut what is this sorry excuse for a heart?

Charlez on Twitter

I ordered a heart shaped pizza, wtf is this @pizzahut smh

Is is National Pac Man Day?

John A Wermeling on Twitter

Super excited for these heart shaped pizzas @pizzahut #bebetter #HappyValentinesDay


Deborah Richards on Twitter

If you're looking for the saddest @PapaJohns heart shaped pizza, it's at our house. ? #doingheartsurgery

Scranton Strangler on Twitter

Wow @PapaJohns thanks for the heart shaped pizza. And thanks for taking three hours to get here ??

No words. 

MH on Twitter

nice heart shaped pizza @pizzahut

Someone got it right!

SliCE on Twitter

Surprise! Tara opened her door to find heart-shaped pizza + a LOVE necklace from Sermania Jewelry on @EPassyunkAve