This Giant Chicken Will Haunt Your Dreams


We all have a new animal to fear, and it's not out of Australia (for once).

This video of a massive chicken stomping around his coop started floating around the internet this weekend and freaked out everyone in its path.

Unfortunately these are the only details we have:

  • The origin of the video has been tracked down to a Facebook group dedicated to Poultry Fans called Brahma Club Kosova.
  • It's definitely not a man in a costume. They are a species of fowl known as Brahma Chickens which, according to, average 8 - 12lbs. This guy must be on steroids.

Watch at your own risk:

The Big Boss Race: Brahma rooster chicken 超大型公雞 世界真奇妙

Uploaded by James on 2017-03-19.