Mary Lattimore - Wawa By The Ocean

Mary Lattimore has captured our hearts by translating our love for Wawa into a gorgeous instrumental piece. The Philly-based harpist is prepping to release a batch of songs called Collected Pieces on April 14th. This particular one, "Wawa By The Ocean", was inspired by eating a hoagie on the beach - a meditative experience, indeed.

Take a listen and drift away... When you return to Earth, check out more of her compositions here (including her collaborations with other Philadelphians, like Kurt Vile and Hop Along) and go follow her on Twitter.

Mary Lattimore - Wawa By The Ocean by ghostly

Taken from 'Collected Pieces' by Mary Lattimore, out April 14, 2017. Order Links: The Ghostly Store: Retailer of your choice: