Photo via Maria Papadakis, July 2014

Steve-O jumped off a moving truck in FLA, what should he do in Philly this weekend?

Network television hasn’t seen a new episode of “Jackass” in fifteen years, but Steve-O is still keeping the spirit alive.

During a recent trip to Tampa he arranged for some friends to help him jump off a bridge from a trampoline on the back of a moving truck. Dangerous? F--- yeah. But the that wasn’t the scariest part. This morning Steve-O explained:

We did not have a permit and I’m on probation [from a 2015 trespassing charge] “Here’s how dumb I am: I sent the footage to TMZ with the headline 'look how bad I’m violating my probation'." He exclaimed, “That’s a story I can get behind.”

Jumping From A Moving Truck - Steve-O

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The stunt was a success and Steve-O came out of it with only a minor injury to his back.

If he was going to do it again, what would he do differently?  “I would try to land on my fee. A half twist would have helped.”

Steve-O, who has now transitioned his career to stand up comedy, is performing six shows at Helium Comedy Club this weekend (Thurs – Sun). He’ll be hanging out after every show, taking photos and suggestions for crazy Philadelphia themed stunt ideas.

Listen to the rest of Steve-o's interview on today's podcast.

By the way, if you’re curious, the nicest place in the world to get arrested is Sweden.