Check Out Slipknot’s 360 Video!

How do you celebrate a billion views on YouTube? If you're Slipknot, you release another video to start the march towards the next billion.

To commemorate the impressive mark, the group has released a special 360-degree video of its performance of "The Shape" from last fall's Knotfest, the first time Slipknot has ever performed the song. The clip was directed by percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan and features angles from all over the stage and even in the audience.

While that may sate fans for a bit, it's unclear when we'll get something new from Slipknot to follow 2015's 5: The Gray Chapter. Frontman Corey Taylor, of course, will be releasing a new album (Hydrograd) with his other band, Stone Sour, and touring to support it, and he tells us that will be his focus for awhile:

"Probably do Stone Sour for about two years...By the time we're (Slipknot) done touring this year it'll be the two-year mark that we've been out doing this, which is honestly longer than we've ever done it....I think anybody in their right mind would be ready to do something different, you know?"


Stone Sour's "Hydrograd" is due out June 30, while the group hits the road May 18 in Columbus, Ohio, for a tour that will include a Serenity Of Summer run with Korn starting June 16 in Salt Lake City.

Slipknot - "The Shape" Live from KNOTFEST (360°)

Watch Slipknot perform "The Shape" for the first time ever at KNOTFEST USA on September 25th, 2016. This is a 360° video so drag the camera up, down and around for views from the stage that you wouldn't normally see. "From the beginning, Slipknot's goal has always been world domination.


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