Aries Spears came on our show (and nobody got punched).

This morning, Aries came in to chat with us about his shows at Helium Comedy Club this weekend:

Of course, we had to ask Aries about his incident on an internet radio show earlier this year, which he tweeted about back in April:

Aries Spears on Twitter

So on the 5150 show wit @thecoreyholcomb I touched dudes feelings so much he swung off on me w/o warning! Peep it lol bitch nigga

Here's video of the incident, courtesy of TMZ:

Aries Spears Firing Back With Lawsuit After Radio DJ's Fistfight (VIDEO)

Aries Spears Fight I Was Attacked for Doing My Job! Will Sue Host, Radio Station Aries Spears wants payback from the radio host who brutally attacked him with repeated blows to the head, and he's out to get it in court ... TMZ has learned.

Aries told great stories about Mike Tyson, including one about this HEATED interview Mike did in Toronto:

[ORIGINAL] Mike Tyson Goes Crazy on Live Canadian News

My commentary on Mike Tyson swearing on TV. **Almost 1 million Views 😀 - Everyone Keep Sharing it on Facebook and Twitter... let's see how many views this can get. Follow me on twitter: to get a dose of my weirdness or if you just need to tweet someone laid back once in a while.

Aries also talked about eating late-night at Pat's and why he pays so much money to his ex-wife.

Listen to the WHOLE interview here:

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You can also check out a lot of Aries' work on his YouTube page, including this gem:

The New Cosby Show, Part 1

The New Cosby Show Part 1 - Aries Spears

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