Our favorite Twitter exchange of the day!

Mike Birbiglia and Cookie Monster discuss the most important issue of the day: cookies.

Yes, twitter can be political and divisive and downright mean. But sometimes, there are issues that bring us all together. Example? Cookies. Everyone loves 'em. But someone loves them more than anyone else. That's right, Cookie Monster. THE Cookie Monster.

You probably didn't even know that Cookie Monster has an official (blue check and everything) Twitter account! ("Me official. Me love cookies! Me officially love cookies.") Well, it's true. And yesterday, longtime friend of the show, Mike Birbiglia, posed this important and universal question on his account:

Mike Birbiglia on Twitter

I know there are a lot of important issues to discuss but: Does Cookie Monster make cookies or do they just appear?

Sometimes, those questions disappear into the ether, never to be answered. But not today! Eventually, through the magic of Twitter, the question got back to Mr. Monster himself and lo and behold, he answered!

Cookie Monster on Twitter

Dat great question! Answer: me make dem sometimes, but best cookies are ones shared. ???? https://t.co/rrMBwsY7A7

Question answered. Problem solved. World happy. Cookies loved. Steve and Mike shake on it...