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Holiday Weekend Must-Binge: 'Bob's Burgers'

Memorial Day Weekend is usually time spent outdoors, but in case you're not the outdoors-type and prefer to use your time off binging a new show, why don't you check out Bob's Burgers?  A family of five that runs a burger joint with hijinks galore?  There's grilling involved, so it's almost like you're trying to partake…

Daily Podcast 05.27.16

Today's podcast includes... News (:00)...Entertainment News (:15)...Contests-Spread Your Lips/BeerBong (:28)... Bizarre File & Contest-Crowd Surf (:52)... Contest-Show me the Money Honey (1:11)...Contests-Crowd Karaoke & Suck Those Balls (1:33) Baptism of Beer (2:03)... Wrap up (2:14).
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