LISTEN: Marlon Wayans in studio

Comedian Marlon Wayans stopped by the studio during his weekend residency at Punchline Philly.

Marlon is in town getting his set ready for a his first comedy special that will be recorded soon. He also has a new NBC show, Marlon, and a Netflix movie called Naked, both debuting in August.

His parenting advice? Sit your kids in Coach while you fly First Class, "watch me eat these warm nuts." This coming from the same guy who used to act out Batman episodes by locking his cousin in the closest. Speaking of Batman, did you know Marlon was cast to play Robin? The character was cut from the Tim Burton film and eventually Chris O'Donnell was re-cast in the role.

He's over it now and we are too, because the role would have sent him down a bad life path leading to drugs and the end of his career. Translation: If Marlon was Robin we never would have had White Chicks.

Btw," you know who loves White Chicks? White Chicks." (Kathy Romano confirms that statement.)

We owe Marlon a apology, Mandy from The Gold Club was on the Hottie Cam during the interview which turned out to be a little distracted. Until this happened:

@marlonwaynans got moves, but not as good as @the_official_royale

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