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Daily Podcast (05.18.18)

(00:00:00) News (00:17:17) Eterntainment News (00:45:30) Junk Drawer (01:15:14) The Bizarre Files (01:23:25) Carlos Mencia Performing at Punchline Philly (01:52:16) Gary Owen Performing at Helium Comedy Club (02:12:46) Nick Swardson Performing at The Borgata (02:31:43) The Bizarre Files & Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:49:21) Wrap Up
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#483 When Nature Calls: Our First Ever Wild ALL-ANIMAL Bizarre Files!

Three people recovering from bites received from kittens that turned out to be baby bobcats… a wild turkey smashed through the windshield of a car, injuring a passenger… Chinese woman thought she was raising a dog, but it was actually a white fox… Canadian zoo fined for taking a grizzly bear to Dairy Queen… scientists…

Episode 27 - Special Guest Bob Cahill

The Comic Book Gurus welcome artist, musician, screenwriter, renaissance man Bob Cahill. The man does everything...and that's what we talked about; Everything! Infinity War, Free Comic Book Day, Batman, The Hulk, Star Wars, Gene Simmons and memories of Wizard World. This is our "stream of consciousness" show.  

#482 Attention Passengers: If You Don’t Tighten Your Seat Belt You F’d Up

Vampire Facial where they draw your own blood and smear it all over your face to rejuvenate skin is gaining popularity… 91 year old man shot another man because of slow service at McDonalds… Illegal diamond mine was found being operated under a jail in Congo… Mother almost ordered a sex toy instead of children’s…

Daily Podcast (05.17.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:14:48) Credit Card Skimmers (00:43:30) Bizzare File & Broken Studio (01:15:05) Jay Leno Interview (01:23:33) Leigh Whannell interview (01:50:59) Katie Morgan interview (02:17:46) David Blaine interview, Bizzare File, Lesson Question, Hollywood Trash, & Music Newis (02:30:46) Wrap Up (03:06:05)
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