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#487 Man Hits Deer, Puts Deer in Back Seat, Deer Wakes Up… Like A Scene Out Of Tommy Boy

An exploding vaping pen killed a 30 year old man earlier this month… A PA man died when he lit a cigarette while on an oxygen tank and it caused a fire…Woman caught on camera pooping on a floor of a Tim Hortons then threw her feces at the workers... Man hit a deer with…

Ep7: Hot Sauce (with Jake Mattera!) [Attack of the Brackets]

Philly comic Jake Mattera joined Jaxon and Sara for an in-studio hot sauce tasting. Tears were shed, stomachs were destroyed, and the list of sixteen condiments was narrowed down to a single sauce.  New episodes of Attack Of The Brackets are posted bi-weekly. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod