Attack Of The Brackets

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Latest Episode: Ep7: Hot Sauce (with Jake Mattera!) [Attack of the Brackets]
Philly comic Jake Mattera joined Jaxon and Sara for an in-studio hot sauce tasting. Tears were shed, stomachs were destroyed, and the list of sixteen condiments was narrowed down to a single sauce.  New episodes of Attack Of The Brackets are posted bi-weekly. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod

Preston and Steve®

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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast (05.25.18)
Live At Keenan's In Wildwood, NJ! News (00:00:00). Entertainment (00:11:02). Crowd Surfing & Gum All Over Bill's Face (00:37:09). Bizarre Files & Rock, Paper, Clippers (01:02:40). Crowd Karaoke & Pop and Dock (01:28:25). Scott Keenan & The Lombardi Trophy (01:55:10). Baptism of Beer (02:02:22). Wrap Up (02:13:09).
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The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #487 Man Hits Deer, Puts Deer in Back Seat, Deer Wakes Up… Like A Scene Out Of Tommy Boy
An exploding vaping pen killed a 30 year old man earlier this month… A PA man died when he lit a cigarette while on an oxygen tank and it caused a fire…Woman caught on camera pooping on a floor of a Tim Hortons then threw her feces at the workers... Man hit a deer with…

Jaxon's Local Shots

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Latest Episode: Foxtrot and the Get Down Open WMMR's 50th Birthday Concert
Foxtrot & the Get Down did an amazing job kicking off WMMR’s 50th Birthday Concert at the Big Joint with Bon Jovi! We can’t wait to hear their new album later this year. In the meantime, check out Jacky Bam Bam’s chat with the band during MMR’s live broadcast at the show on this episode…


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Latest Episode: Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach wants to see you at Rock Allegiance!
MMR is ready for another year of Rock Allegiance (10/6/18) and so is Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach! He called Jaxon and Sara to talk about which bands he's most excited to see at the festival, plus the things he learned while recovering from vocal surgery, and memories of past Philly shows (there are cheesesteaks…

Public Affairs

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Latest Episode: WMMR Public Affairs - Alexander Hamilton & The Constitutional Clashes
A few weeks ago, Tony Williams,  A Senior Teaching Fellow at the Bill of Rights Institute and Jay Cost is a political historian, journalist and contributing editor at The Weekly Standard were in the WMMR studio to talk US History. More specifically, Alexander Hamilton and The Constitutional battles that took place. Tony has also written six…

Comic Book Gurus

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Latest Episode: Episode 28 - Wizard World
Rob & Craig reminisce about their individual adventures of their 4-day odyssey at Wizard World Comic Con. A shield signing by Sebastian Stan! Standing amongst Momoa (Jason!) not once, but twice! Having  to hug Henry Winkler! Jedi Mind tricks, and more! If you attended Wizard World Philly, we wanna hear what you think!