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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast (03.22.18)
News; Entertainment Report; Remembering Our First Kisses, Bizarre Files & Ally and Shardae of Eagles Cheerleaders Talk Tryouts; Alan Cumming calls in and Our GoFundMe Recipient Checks In with Progress; Outlandish Rumors and Pay Phones; Bizarre Files; Hollywood Trash & Music News; Wrap Up
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The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #448 Crazy Teachers Are Shooting Guns and Feeding Pets To Reptiles In Class
A man dressed as Elsa helped a police truck out of the snow in Boston… United Airlines shipped their dog to Japan by accident... An middle school teacher fed a sick dog to a snapping turtle after class in front of some of his students... A teacher teaching a justice class accidently misfired a gun…


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Latest Episode: Black Map's Ben Flanagan Discusses New EP [INTERVIEW]
San Francisco trio Black Map strike a unique sonic balance of ambiance and aggression, which is showcased on their new EP Trace The Path. Singer/bassist Ben Flanagan stopped by the MMR studios to chat with Sara about how the EP came together, how the band achieves their signature sound, tattoos, touring, and they solve the…

Public Affairs

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Latest Episode: WMMR Public Affairs - Brad Meltzer - The Escape Artist
Here is my conversation with Brad Meltzer about his brand new Historical Thriller, The Escape Artist. A fun, fast paced, page turner about the heroine, Nola Brown, who is supposed to be dead. The insanity of how her past is tied into where she is now is wild. The left-turns added another of surprise and…

Comic Book Gurus

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Latest Episode: CBG - Episode 18 - This Week in Television
The Gurus gossip about Gotham, Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, a heated debate ensues about whether Black Lightning is a ripoff of Luke Cage, an extended discussion on Supernatural, Agents of SHIELD's 100th episode, and we even throw in a little Doctor Who. This episode has everything!