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Daily Podcast (04.13.18)

News (00:00:00). Entertainment (00:11:29). Heinz's New Mayochup & Condiment Conversation (00:43:49). Bizarre Files (01:10:28). Mashup Madness (01:26:33). Michael Barkann (01:58:55). Bizarre Files & Chef Soul of Zachary's BBQ (02:29:59). Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:46:07). Wrap Up (03:07:04).
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Daily Podcast (04.11.18)

News; Entertainment News; Winter Olympics Gold Winning Athletes in Studio; Bizarre File and Fox Good Day; The Noticer; World B. Free, Sixers Ambassador, Unveils the Full Playoff Brand Campaign; Ike Barinholtz Calls in for New Movie Blockers andBizarre File; Hollywood Trash and Music News; Wrap-up.
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Daily Podcast (04.06.18)

News (00:00:00). Entertainment (00:07:34). Dumb Celebrity Memorabilia (00:47:21). Bizarre Files (01:11:18). The Masters & Junk Drawer: Recording Your Dreams, Dunkin Donuts Funnel Cake Fries, The Masters Banned Words, Secret 911 Pizza Code Debunked & The Resurgence of Scrunchies (01:19:31). Chris Jericho (02:00:44). Bizarre Files (02:27:40). Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:37:44). Wrap Up (02:51:52).
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