5 T-shirts Every Guitarist Will Want To Wear

There's nothing like the wearing the perfect t-shirt to make all right with the world. Not only does it feel great on but the message it sends all who you encounter is spot on. We think these five t-shirts would be the perfect addition to any guitarists wardrobe.  Let us know if you've found a…

VIDEO: Craigslist Guitar Shopping With Conan O'Brien And Slash

We've all been tempted by guitar deals online, but sometimes they can be a bit sketchy.  Fortunately, Conan O'Brien made this segment and in the process created a sort-of "How To" guide when shopping for guitars on Craigslist. Of course, the rest of us won't have Slash by our side to make sure we're not…

WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Edge's Fender Signature Guitar

There's perhaps no greater compliment to a guitarist than when a manufacturer creates a signature model guitar in their name.  When that manufacturer happens to be Fender, then it's really special. That's what U2's The Edge is experiencing right now with his Signature Stratocaster and Deluxe Amplifier, which is now available.  (See photos and the mini-documentary…

Inside The Martin Guitar Museum

Founded in 1833, Martin Guitars has been family-owned and operated for the past 183 years, and the pride they have in their American-made guitars is evident in the Martin Guitar Museum, located in Nazareth, Pa.

An Ode To Guitar Face

If there's one thing better than how guitarists play it's the faces they make when they play. Some look cool; some look frightening, but they're all entertaining no matter how you slice it.