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Daily Podcast 08.26.16

Granny Grand Prix:  News(:00) Entertainment News(:10) Granny Grand Prix Heat 1(:41) Bizarre File & Aries Spears (:58) Granny Grand Prix Heat 2 (1:21) Granny Grand Prix & Christopher Titus live at Speed Raceway (1:32) Celebrity Race, Granny Grand Prix Final Round & Bizarre Files (2:00) Hollywood Trash& Music News (2:34) Wrap Up (2:50)
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5 Hilarious John Mulaney Videos

Today (August 26th) is comedian John Mulaney’s birthday, and it goes without saying that he’s one of the best standup comics out there.  What better way to celebrate his birthday than with some of his best jokes?

Daily Podcast (08.25.16)

News  (:00) Entertainment News (:09) Goodbye Howard Johnson's (:48) Bizarre Files (1:09) John Bochanski on The Newest Planet, Kathy's Surprise Birthday Caller and The Show Attempts The Suspended Water Trick (2:07) Meet The Grannies (2:07) Bizarre Files (2:29) Hollywood Trash and Music News (2:39) Pierre's Big Announcement and Wrap Up (2:51)
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