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Daily Podcast (03.23.18)

News (00:00:00). Entertainment (00:11:48). Fosta & Craigs List Adventures (00:44:20). Bizarre Files (01:09:45). M. Night Shyamalan & Michael Kosta (01:18:19). RAIN Live Performance (01:53:34). Bizarre Files & Alexis Texas (02:13:07). Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:32:54). Wrap Up (02:47:34). 

#449 Hotel Analfornia: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Flush!

A man was arrested for attacking a dog owner with a tennis ball launcher… a popular YouTuber claims that his videogame “training” has killed his sex drive, girlfriend found Tinder on his phone, attacked him with a samurai sword… the parents of a child were arrested after they were exposed to pornography at school… Dutch…

Daily Podcast (03.22.18)

News; Entertainment Report; Remembering Our First Kisses, Bizarre Files & Ally and Shardae of Eagles Cheerleaders Talk Tryouts; Alan Cumming calls in and Our GoFundMe Recipient Checks In with Progress; Outlandish Rumors and Pay Phones; Bizarre Files; Hollywood Trash & Music News; Wrap Up
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#448 Crazy Teachers Are Shooting Guns and Feeding Pets To Reptiles In Class

A man dressed as Elsa helped a police truck out of the snow in Boston… United Airlines shipped their dog to Japan by accident... An middle school teacher fed a sick dog to a snapping turtle after class in front of some of his students... A teacher teaching a justice class accidently misfired a gun…