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Daily Feed (08.28.15)

Today's Show Includes: News (:00)...Entertainment News (:12)...The Student Becomes the Master (:41)...Bizarre File (1:09)...New iPhone 6, Annoying Group Messages & Tesla's Fastest Accelerating Car (1:26)...Louie Anderson In Studio (1:50)... Bizarre File & Pope Bot Returns (2:27)... Hollywood Trash & Music News (2:43)... Wrap Up (2:50)
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Who causes more destruction in superhero movies, heroes or villains?

Via Lost in all those superhero comic book flicks that hijack too many screens in movie theaters is how in preventing a villain from let’s say, world destruction or universe domination, the superhero becomes responsible for a lot of damage to a city. Like seriously, cities get messed up. Imagine being a citizen of…