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Daily Podcast (07.07.15)

Today’s Show Includes: Hunter Pence (:00)… Finger Prints, Smell & New Fart Sound FX (:29)… Getting Girl’s Numbers & Going Commando (:52)… Bizarre File (1:14)… Preston’s Love Notes (1:21)… Scream Compilation & Jack Black (1:43)… Bizarre File (2:03)… Hollywood Trash & Puberty Starting Early (2:11)
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Daily Podcast (07.06.15)

Today’s Show Includes: Marisa Rappelling & Cowboy Food Terms (:00)… Chris Kattan in Studio (:21)… Great Pop Culture Challenge Part One (:50)… Bizarre Files (1:21)… Great Pop Culture Challenge Part Two (1:30)… Wife Temper Tantrum Video & PMS (1:49)… Bizarre Files (2:11)… Hollywood Trash & Billy Campbell in Studio (2:18)
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Daily Podcast (07.03.15)

Today’s Show Includes: Drinking Nasty Things (:00)… Cole & Heidi Hamels in Studio (:20)… Naked in Public (:42)… Bizarre Files (1:05)… Incidentals – Fireworks & Titanic (1:12)… Spoiled Kids, Spelling Bee & Lasers (1:41)… Bizarre Files (2:08)… Hollywood Trash & Announcing Orgasms (2:17)
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Daily Podcast (07.02.15)

Today’s Show Includes: News (:00)… Entertainment News (:09)… Fireworks & Veterans with PTSD (:43)… Bizarre Files & Taylor Schilling (1:09)… Sunburn Stories (1:30)… Robert Irvine & Citrus Causes Cancer? (1:56)… Bizarre Files & Thomas Haden Church (2:18)… Hollywood Trash & Music News (2:37)… Wrap Up (2:48)
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Sunburn Art – the new trend you SHOULD NOT try

This could be the stupidest thing we have seen all week – people are using suntan lotion, temporary tattoos or even household items to create Sunburn Art on their skin. Getting sun burned on purpose is just dumb! Please be responsible and cover yourself up from the sun, unlike these idiots: #SunburnArt is a…

Quiet Please

A documentary that explores the emotional and psychological ramifications of a neurologically based disorder called misophonia.

Semper Fido – Service Dogs

The Mission of Semper Fido’s program is to unite wounded warriors suffering with PTSD with homeless, rescue shelter dogs, who are evaluated and deemed viable, to nurture a healing and rejuvenating bond between the two.

Fireworks are no fun for returning vets with PTSD

Dan Sickman, a Marine Corpsman, has PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and describes how his condition can be triggered by fireworks. His charitable fund Forgotten Threads aims to assist veterans not just with PTSD but all that are in need of aid. More info is available here: National Center for PTSD