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6 Gene Wilder Film Lines For The Ages

Legendary actor Gene Wilder has died at the age of 83 after a private battle with Alzheimer's disease.  Wilder's illustrious career has yielded so many memorable film moments and lines that, frankly, are timeless.  In honor of his life, here's 6 Gene Wilder film lines for the ages.

Daily Podcast 08.29.16

Todays Podcast Includes...News (:00)...Entertainment News (:12)...Vandalizing in the Name of Love (:44)...Bizarre File (1:13)...Pain Worse than Child Birth (1:29)...Granny Grand Prix & VMA's Recap (2:02)...Rob Zombie Phone Interview! & Bizarre File (2:27)...Hollywood Trash & Music News (2:47)...Show Wrap-Up(2:59)
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An Ode Jack Black's Breakout Role

Jack Black had many acting credits before 2000, but that was the year when many were first introduced to him through the film High Fidelity  where he portrayed Barry Judd, the best/worst music store clerk ever.