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Daily Podcast (08.30.16)

News (:00) Entertainment News (:11) Gene Wilder Tribute (:45) Bizarre Files (1:10) Dream Come True: Slashing Tires (1:22) Quincy Harris In Studio and Preston Elliot the Noticer (1:43) Bizarre Files, Preston's Plane Woes and Henry Winkler Calls In (2:21) Hollywood Trash, Music News and Tattoosday (2:51) Wrap Up (3:08)
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6 Gene Wilder Film Lines For The Ages

Legendary actor Gene Wilder has died at the age of 83 after a private battle with Alzheimer's disease.  Wilder's illustrious career has yielded so many memorable film moments and lines that, frankly, are timeless.  In honor of his life, here's 6 Gene Wilder film lines for the ages.

Daily Podcast 08.29.16

Todays Podcast Includes...News (:00)...Entertainment News (:12)...Vandalizing in the Name of Love (:44)...Bizarre File (1:13)...Pain Worse than Child Birth (1:29)...Granny Grand Prix & VMA's Recap (2:02)...Rob Zombie Phone Interview! & Bizarre File (2:27)...Hollywood Trash & Music News (2:47)...Show Wrap-Up(2:59)
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