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Daily Podcast (02.22.17)

News(:00) Entertainment News(:07) Accurate Expiration Dates(:34) Fox Good Day and Bizarre File(1:02) Action News Tops Hottest News Anchors in the World(1:16) PDA(1:53) Bizarre File(2:15) Hollywood Trash and Music News(2:22) Wrap Up(2:33)
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Daily Podcast (02.21.17) Best Of

  News and Silly “A HA” Moments as an Adult (:00) Slang Words Around the World (:35) The Noticer, Viagra, and New Donuts (1:01) Mental Phenomenon (1:40) Bizarre Files (2:15) Helping Kids With Homework (2:24) Paying Up on Crazy Bets (2:47) Bizarre Files (3:14) Hollywood Trash and Restaurant Etiquette (3:21)
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Daily Podcast (02.20.17) Best Of

Sore Losers (:00). Faizon Love (:21). Joining A Club To Get Laid (:42). P&S Inside Jokes & Sound Bite Origins (1:09). Bizarre Files (1:45). Tips To Make You Appear Smarter (1:55). Crazy Stunts (2:17). Bizarre Files (2:42). Hollywood Trash & Uniquely Spelled Names (2:49).
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