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Daily Podcast (02.19.18)

Best Of': Superstition Supervisor (00:00:00) Eagles Super Bowl Win Recap (00:28:12) Bert Kreischer and Rob McElhenney on Parade Day (00:53:21) Bert Kreischer on Parade Day Part 2 (01:20:03) The Bizarre Files (01:44:44) Kevin Gunn, John Clark, Pierre and Jaxon check in on Parade Day (01:52:37) Adam Ferrara and Rob Reiner Call in (02:21:23) The Bizarre…
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Daily Podcast (02.16.18)

News (00:00:00). Entertainment (00:11:12). Paige Davis, Host of Trading Spaces (00:44:16). Bizarre Files (01:13:48). Willie O'Rees, NHL's First Black Player (01:23:06). Super Bowl Parade Bracelets, Junk Drawer: Grenade Competency & First Date Heart Rates (01:47:49). Justin Willman (02:15:05). Bizarre Files, Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:35:39). Wrap Up (02:54:50).
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