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#464 Get To The Gas Station! Naked Man Filmed Getting His Exxon-On With A Sex Toy Up His Butt

A man was awakened by his mobile home exploding; he survived… a lawyer who swatted a family with a bat charged for his crime… a man pooped on the desk at a police station wearing a stolen police hat… a North Carolina burger joint is serving a tarantula burger… a man robbed a bank in…

Daily Podcast (04.17.18)

News; Entertainment Round Up; If You Can't Swallow Pills You're Not Alone!; The Bizarre Files; Loop There It Is: Clapping Only Version; The Noticer; The Bizarre Files; Hollywood Trash & Music News; Wrap Up
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#463 College Student Wins the Internet with his Response to Campus Cougar Sighting

An Estonian Tourist got lost going back to his hotel, ended up climbing a mountain... A school sent out an email about a cougar sighting on campus and a guy sent email back saying that’s just my mom... A man is on trial for killing a woman, claims she died during rough sex... A teaching…

Daily Podcast (04.16.18)

News; Entertainment News; Andrea Helfrich in studio & What Jobs Have The Most Potheads?; Bizarre File; Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Recap; Tony Danza Calls In; Bizarre File; Hollleywood Trash & Music News; Wrap up
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