Five Finger Death Punch Autograph Guitar

Join 93.3 WMMR throughout the month of April as we celebrate Guitar Month! As part of Guitar Month, you can enter to win a guitar signed by Five Finger Death Punch. *One entry per person. Entry deadline: Sunday, 4/30/17 at 11:59pm. WMMR Contest Rules. Keep up throughout April and follow Guitar Month on our website (HERE) with…

5 Best Rock Tours of 2016

Let’s face it:  2016 was an exhausting year.  However, if there was one positive to take from away, it was all of the incredible rock tours that made their way across the country.  Here’s our ranking of the top five rock tours of 2016 complete with expert commentary.

9 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Rock

“The Ugly Christmas Sweater” isn’t just a trend anymore; it’s now part of holiday tradition.  So, if you’re invited to one (or more) Christmas parties this year, why not rock one of these festive tops?!