Chester Bennington And Other Great Rock Screams

Chester Bennington turns 41 today (March 20th,) and if there's one thing that sets the Linkin Park frontman apart from other lead singers, it's his powerful scream.  In honor of his birthday, we're looking at Bennington and other awesome screams in rock.  Enjoy!

Desert Trip: Weekend 2 Recap

The Desert Trip festival held its second weekend Friday through Sunday (October 14-16) in Indio, Calif., with the same six acts but a few more surprises and highlights...

GALLERY: Desert Trip Weekend One

Most of us either have or heard festival horror stories, but one look at the photos emerging from Desert Trip might convince you it’s the most glorious festival in the history of time.

Remembering Keith Moon

The great Keith Moon passed away 38 years ago today (September 7.)  Instead of mourning his loss, we'd much rather celebrate the brilliant drummer's life.  Here's a collection of videos of Keith doing what he did best...and one hilarious anecdote from good friend Alice Cooper.

Keith Moon & 6 Other Infamous Hotel Trashers

The late Keith Moon would've turned 70 today (August 23rd), and if there's one thing he may have done better than play drums, it's trashing hotel rooms.  In honor his birthday, we look back at some of rock's most infamous hotel room trashers and their craziest exploits.  

Ready For The Return Of The Mods?

The sequel to the 1979 film version of The Who's "Quadrophenia," which Pete Townshend tipped us to nearly a year ago, will begin filming this summer. "To Be Someone" is based on the novel by Peter Meadow, which was inspired by the characters in "Quadrophenia" and had Townshend's full blessing. Ray Burdis will direct, while…