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A message from Nick Murphy:  It’s so tough to pick out a favorite. We’ve made some awesome videos over the past year. The hilarious bits are always so much fun to edit but I really love the ones that take us outside the studio for something different. 

Kevin Hart – Philly guy done good! I love Kevin Hart.

Chuck Eats Fruit For The First Time – To see Chuck try this stuff is hilarious

Wedding Wake Up Call – It’s insane that this thing came together! Somehow, we pulled it off.

Cardboard Classic 2015 – The Cardboard Classic is easily my favorite event to film for WMMR. This year we had a drone!

Totally Office Calendar 2015 – Sarah Harley – We put a ton of work into the Calendar every year. My friend Sarah was in this year’s calendar. She’s a beautiful model, hilarious comedian, and all around good person.

The Struts – Could Have Been Me – I love when we have bands in. These dudes we’re phenomenal and  all-around nice dudes.