(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

5 Guitar Themed Items You Must Own

There's guitar gear (pedals, picks, straps, etc.), and then there's these five choice items.

From specialty guitars to cool clothing and accessories, check out these five guitar-themed item you (or the guitarist in your life) must own.


Do you love Stars Wars and you play the guitar?  Then we're sure that these custom guitars from Doni Guitars will be on your wish list.  Pictured here (L-R) are the Wishbone-6 String, The Rebel Bass - 5 String and the Solo Guitar - 6 String.


We have to admit that we're pretty much in love with this bracelet.  Sold Vitari Boutique for only $20, it feature two Gibson picks and you can choose the color leather that works best for you.


Rick Metz is a talented furniture maker from Cincinnati. In 2003 he began making a line of 'Guitar Chairs."  These cool chairs are now owned by the likes of Jeff Beck, Gene Simmons and music and guitar fans world wide.  You can even own one.  Check out the whole line at Metz Functional Art.


The folks at Guitar-Stor.com really know there stuff.  They've created a really cool guitar storage, display, and maintenance platform that will make you the envy of all your band-mates.


This shirt is sure to make any guitar players day.  It's also available as a sweatshirt at the TeeSpring.com.