Did you know Adam F. Goldberg, creator of 'The Goldbergs', is a huge Flyers fan?

Wednesday’s episode is dedicated to Ed Snider.

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Did you know @TheGoldbergsABC creator is a huge @NHLFlyers fan? Wednesday's episode is dedicated to Ed Snider.https://amp.twimg.com/v/4ce15f5a-373e-4fb0-9610-cb1596565794 ...

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Will this Wednesday mark the end of an era?https://amp.twimg.com/v/131ac96c-603d-4ff5-9dd4-8f422397d536 ...

This isn't the first time The Goldbergs have paid tribute to the Flyers, but this week's episode will be extra special!

Flyers Goldbergs 4

And here are a few scenes from this week's episode:

Flyers Goldbergs 1

Flyers Goldbergs 2

Flyers Goldbergs 3

Flyers Goldbergs 5

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It was a GREAT interview with Adam.

We referenced THIS epic photo of Adam from his own childhood:

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"@TheGoldbergsABC: This is real. THIS IS REAL. #TheGoldbergs pic.twitter.com/rOvaBpxV2Z" To be clear, I'm wearing shorts. They rode up on me.

And Casey brought up THIS fight he saw at a Flyers game when he was 12:

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Hey @adamfgoldberg check out the 1:00 mark of this hockey video. That's a 12 year old me banging on the glass!https://youtu.be/K4PW95oAJRw

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