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Jaxon's 3 Favorite Musical Conversations of 2016

We're taking a look back at our favorite memories of the past year. Check out all of our lists here!

Jaxon's 3 Favorite Interview Moments of 2016

1. James Hetfield talked about how much he loved the "Kids React To Metallica" video, and how the kids' approval of The Black Album draws a parallel with how fans reacted to that album when it was first released (and this includes the infamous quote: "So true Jaxon!"). Listen to the full conversation HERE.

2. Flea told the story of how he broke his arm in a snowboarding accident right before the Red Hot Chili Peppers were scheduled to start recording their album The Getaway - but the injury ended up being a blessing in disguise. Listen to the full interview HERE.

3. Chino Moreno and Jaxon discussed Deftones' White Pony and how listening to certain records can instantly transport you to a memorable time in your life. Hear that conversation HERE.