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A few years back it seemed like we were creating a new stunt for our friend Chuck Love every other month! Most of them involved jumping out of boxes, riding some sort of wheeled object or surprising a listener in bed… because all of those things are really funny.

Just watch this 2013 Bagpipe Wake Up Call:

But it had been a while since we worked together or even seen Chuck in general, and today we found out why.

Chuck had let himself go and ended up in a bad spot. As he described his situation on the air to us this morning, “I had new shoes for a full year that I wasn’t able to bend down and put on.”

Luckily, he found someone who was able to kick him back into shape and bring him back into the spotlight.

Chuck is featured in brand new TLC special called Big & Little which follows two little people as they embark on a weight loss journey led by fitness guru and fellow little person, Allison Warrell.

It debuts today (Wed, 5/24) at 10PM. Besides following Chuck’s epic journey, he says you should be able to pick out all the spots in Philly and NJ where he filmed.

Most importantly, Chuck is doing great! Eating healthy, looking for new job opportunities and loving life. He does miss cookies though…

Thanks for coming by! (Click here for the full interview)

Me and my cousin Mark on the @prestonandsteveshow

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