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Pow! Klonk! Bort! Crash! Clank! Kapow!

That’s how it felt when the man who introduced the Caped Crusader into our lives passed away.  Steve Morrison Tweeted: Adam West helped set off my lifelong fascination with Batman! Can’t describe what he meant to me!

Steve also reached out to our friend (and writer, producer and actor) Ralph Garman who had fostered a relationship with Adam over the years. At the end of the conversation Ralph passed along a link to An Evening With Adam West, a live performance he hosted in January 2012.

The show was a humorous, intimate and candid look back on Adam’s life and 50 plus year career in showbiz. Proceeds collected funded his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (received April 2012)

As you listen, follow along with this link to see the pictures and videos that were displayed at the live event.

"An Evening With ADAM WEST", by Adam West & Ralph Garman

"An Evening With ADAM WEST" by Adam West & Ralph Garman, released 29 January 2012 1. Adam West & Ralph Garman - Part One of Two 2. Part Two of Two A look back at Adam West's life and 50 (plus) year career in showbiz!


Ralph sent out this tweet about the passing of Mr. West, which sums up how we all feel.


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