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Mitch Fatel shared some very exciting news, he is going to be a dad! His wife, Jess, is due in a couple weeks and he is not prepared. Not cutesy, new-dad-ill prepared, he just has no clue, and it’s really funny to hear him squirm.  We also played a game Dick in Balls. See Mitch at Helium Comedy Club this weekend. 

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"Dicks in Balls" Mitch Fatel in the The Emoji Movie ball pit looking for the 10 special balls with famous Dicks/Richards taped on them.

Learn the name Jacob Batalon. His first role is playing Peter Parker’s best friend in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he steals the show. The young actor, originally from Hawaii, talked to us about geeking out over meeting Stan Lee and happy-crying for hours after receiving compliments from Michael Keaton. And he sang a song! Listen all next week to score passes for our advanced screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming.



Steve did the best Bill Weston impression of all time. We were talking about cheating our boss ended up as the stud with a crazy sexual list (#1: meat missile to tuna town). If you missed it, listen back ASAP.

Tomorrow we broadcast from Hershey Park with 1,500 listeners. If you won tickets, be sure to stop by the broadcast booth and watch the show.

New Daily Rush: DSP (Dick Sensory Perception)