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MUNICH - JULY 02: A boy backflips from a diving board at a public pool on July 2, 2010 in Munich, Germany.Temperatures are predicted to continue to climb in coming days and reach 37 degrees Celsius (about 99 degrees Fahrenheit). (Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

1. Take Trip To A Neighboring Town

Woo hoo, I’m going to East Falls! You folks are just like the Manayunk people  – Steve Morrison

  • Not exactly. Preston recently did this with his son: drove to a nearby town they had never explored before, parked at one end of the street, went into every store on that side of the block, crossed and explored the other side. We take for granted all the towns in our area. Go exploring, even in areas you think you know. What you find may surprise you!


2. Bungee Jumping

  • Do people do this anymore? We were not aware of many places locally to go bungee jumping, but Casey recommends trying the bungee rides on Wildwood’s Adventure Pier.


3. Camping Trip

  • Most of the show loves to go camping. Whether it was a solo excursion or a family outing, some of our favorite memories are from being out in the wild.

 Sidenote: Glamping is not staying in a hotel, sorry Kathy.

4. Guided Tour Of Your Own City

  • Ghost tours, Trolley Tours, Bus Tours, Segway Tours, Chocolate Tours, Brewery Tours, Mural Arts Tours, Rocky Tours, Historical Tours, Magic Gardens Tours, Architecture Tours, Running Tours, Cave Tours (Manthy!) —> The Delaware Valley has so much to offer!

5. Theme Park Day

  • We just spent an entire morning at Hershey Park… we love theme parks!

6. Color Run

  • Or skip the mess and try an Inflatables Run (August 5) on Kathy’s recommendation

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

8. Stargazing

  • Download a stargazing app, pick up some Moon Pies, Mars Bars, Starbursts & Milky Ways to snack on and look for Uranus. Or visit the Observatory at The Franklin Institute


9. Strawberry Picking

 Jersey Fresh heard us talking about this one, they have recommendations on where to go:

10. Outdoor Movie

11. Camp Out To Enjoy The Sunrise And The Sunset

  • Repeat… LAME!

Here are a few more additions to make up for their weak ending:

Visit a museum  ·  Go rollerskating  ·  Dining Under the Stars  ·  Parks on Tap  ·  Street Festival/Block Party  ·  Slip & slides  · Night Markets  ·  Carnivals  ·  Have a BBQ  ·  Go to a baseball game  ·   Water balloon fight  ·  Road Trip!