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PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 24: Traffic flows through an entrance to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, whose union is on strike, November 24, 2004 in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. The toll workers have been without a contract since September 2003. Turnpike officials said there will be no toll today, but they will charge a flat fee starting tomorrow for use of the Pennsylvania turnpike. This means a free ride for the estimated 650,000 vehiclesusing the turnpike the day before Thanksgiving. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

A new survey shows that Pennsylvania drivers are among the rudest in the nation.

The survey was done as part of our summer driving awareness campaign called  Drive Human. They are reminding drivers that they share the road with other people not faceless cars. By promote courteous driving they are hoping for safer and less stressful roads this summer.

Pennsylvania scored in the bottom 10 coming in at #42.

But, there is some good news – Pennsylvanians scored really well in incidents involving tailgating and aggression. [Full Results]

Are you a rude driver? Take their quiz

1) You’re driving on a one-lane road with a speed limit of 40 mph. The sedan in front of you is driving at a steady speed of 38 mph with an open road ahead. Do you:
a. Pass
b. Tailgate
c. Maintain a 2- or 3-second following distance
d. Honk and/or flash your brights

2) There’s a closed lane up ahead, causing further congestion on an already congested highway. The SUV next to you is signaling its intention to merge into your lane. Do you:
a. Close the gap between you and the car ahead
b. Slow slightly to give the SUV space to get in
c. Look over and wave your hand to allow the SUV in
d. Studiously avoid eye contact with the SUV’s driver and continue inching ahead

3) You’re in the left lane, enjoying a pleasant cruise at the posted speed limit. The flow of traffic across lanes is faster than the speed limit. A car shows up in your rearview mirror and stays right on your tail for over a minute. Do you:
a. Move to the lane to your right
b. Increase your speed
c. Tap your brakes and/or decrease your speed
d. Maintain your speed

4) What do you do when you’re in the left lane and suddenly realize your exit is rapidly approaching all the way on the right?
a. Turn on your blinker and merge right as quickly as possible
b. Get off at the next exit
c. Make a beeline for your exit

5) Traffic on a major thoroughfare is heavy and moving slowly; only a handful of cars creep through the intersection during each light cycle. The light turns yellow as you reach the intersection. The tail of the car ahead of you is jutting slightly into the intersection. Do you:
a. Stop at the yellow traffic light
b. Proceed through the yellow traffic light

6) Do you signal before turning or merging?
a. Always
b. Usually
c. Sometimes
d. Rarely

7) There’s a line of cars waiting at a red light. You’re continuing straight past the light. The right-turning lane is empty. Do you use that lane to go around them?
a. Yes
b. No

8) When the right lane is backed up due to heavy traffic at your exit, do you:
a. Merge early at the end of the line
b. Merge right before the exit
c. Stay in your lane until you spot an easy opportunity to merge
d. Stop with your blinker on until someone allows you in

9) You’ve been circling the mall parking lot for a couple of minutes looking for a spot. Finally you see a car pulling out but there is another car clearly waiting for the spot. Would you park there?
a. Yes
b. No

10) When a car is trying to pass you on the left, do you:
a. Maintain your speed
b. Increase your speed