Our new buddy is Cavanaugh, the Bernese Mountain Dog!

Who's a good boy?! WHO. IS. A. GOOD. BOY?!?
Cavanaugh, the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a fan of our show! (Well, his "parents", Julia and Chuck, are.) And most of the time, Cavanaugh's a good dog and behaves. When he was a puppy, Cavanaugh had a particular problem with lemons. Mostly, he didn't know what to make of them:

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy vs Lemon

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Cute, right?!! Pretty freaking adorable.
Well, recently Cavanaugh got into a little trouble. But even a naughty puppy knows when to own up to his mistakes:

Bernese Mountain Dog owning up to mistakes

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If you're a fan of dogs like we are, follow along with his adventures!

From his own Instagram account, Cavanaugh says "Hi! I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog, born 1/22/16. I live in Philadelphia, PA, the cheesesteak capital of the world!"

Hey, wanna go for a ride, buddy?!

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