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Spider-Man: Homecoming composer, Michael Giacchino, called in the morning after the LA premiere. Take a listen to the intro he described as “the best introduction I’ve ever received::

The story behind the recording session: Thanks to official “friend of the show” Michael Giacchino, Preston Elliot, his family, and Nick McIlwain were invited to watch as Michael and the orchestra at 20th Century Fox as they scored a bunch of scenes from the movie. (Privileged? Ab-SO-lutely!)
In this video, the guys chat with Michael about “Spider-Man” and get a sneak peek at the projects he’ll be working on in the near future:

Not only were the show members excited for this behind the scenes experience, but Michael, a lifelong fan of WMMR, loved showing off his work. “No one gets to see this side of things, no ever gets to visit this stuff!”

Michael, who grew up in Riverside, NJ, and who won an Oscar for the Pixar movie, Up, continues to work on some of the biggest and best movies Hollywood has to offer. His resume includes “Lost”, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Mission Impossible III and Ghost Protocol, Inside Out, Jurassic World, Doctor Strange, Zootopia, the latest Star Trek movies, and a little indie flick called Star Wars: Rogue One.

We’re proud to see a South Jersey guy do so well and achieve such success and we’re grateful for the friendship!

Listen to Preston & Nick’s in depth recap of the recording experience and share lots of cool stories from their adventure [AUDIO]


Want more Michael? This Fall he is hosting a career retrospective at Royal Albert Hall. It will include rare behind the scenes glimpses plus never-before-seen footage from his childhood and early career. It’s also his 50th birthday! Watch the teaser: