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There’s a good chance Steve Morrison is a wizard.

During a Bizarre Files story on May 16th Caseyboy, fresh off the latest episode of GoT, mentioned the character Hodor. It was random and had no real relation to the story being reported on. Without missing a beat Steve said, “yeah, he holds the door.”

Whaaaaa? How did he know? Take a listen:

The famous Hodor episode then aired on May 22nd.

Can Steve predict the future? Is he part of some GoT spoilers fansite? Does he secretly work for HBO? Are Steve and Kit Harington BFFs?

We may never know the answers to these questions (no, no, no & no) but that’s was a cool moment.

We’ll be glued to the TV along with you Sunday night at 9p.


Bonus: Have you seen the new “Hodor” commercial for KFC Ireland? It’s genius.