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We quote Curtis Armstrong characters daily. Booger, Charles De Mar, Ack Ack Raymond: their on screen dialogue bonds us as friends and co-workers. (that may sound cheesy, but we quote movies A LOT!)

And we love having him on the show. Most recently Curtis came on to talk about his new book, “Revenge of the Nerd: Or . . . The Singular Adventures of the Man Who Would Be Booger”

It’s filled with behind the scenes stories from our favorite movies and a deeper look at the man behind the characters we know and love.

And it was the perfect opportunity to geek out. Curtis appreciated it, he even thanked us at the end. take a listen:

Bonus discussion:

Do kids today appreciate the 80’s movies we love? At what age can you show them One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead & Revenge of the Nerds?