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BANGKOK, THAILAND - APRIL 14: A tourist aims a squirt gun into a crowd during a waterfight on Sukhumvit Soi Nana during the Songkran water festival on April 14, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Songkran festival marks the traditional Thai New Year and is celebrated each year from April 13 to 15. The throwing of water originated as a way to pay respect to people and is meant as a symbol of cleansing and purification. (Photo by Jack Kurtz/Getty Images)

As a kid, we are sure you had a super soaker in your toy chest. The water gun played an important role in cooling off during warm summer months. However, thanks to one NASA engineer, he has created the largest super soaker on Earth. Granted, this is not one you would want to bring to any water gun fight.

The “world’s largest super soaker” is capable of “smashing glass, Coke cans” as well as watermelons says the Huffington Post.

Unveiled on Mark Rober’s YouTube page, he showed off his latest creation. The device can spray at 243 MPH and 2,400 pounds-per-square-inch. There is a possibility that his super soaker could be a new world record!

The inventor has applied for his super soaker to be a Guinness World Record holder. Allegedly, the item is in the running to be a part of their largest water pistol category. We had no idea that such a category exists!

Currently, the world record belongs to the Monster XL water pistol. The device is “39 inches in length and can hold 162 fl oz of water” says the Huffington Post. Needless to say, this creation blows this one away.

Taking around six months to build, it mimics the nostalgic creations. However, it has a more intense water pressure that is eight times harder than a fire hose. The device also uses tanks of nitrogen gas and water to make the spray action more intense. Both tanks are stored in the handle for a more discrete design.



In the YouTube video, which we highly recommend watching, Rober uses his super soaker to cut through fruit, plastic balls, wine glasses and eggs. As we mentioned before, it can also cut through a watermelon. Hey, if you are looking for an easy way to cut through the fruit, we have officially found your solution!

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