Bill Meakim is a Lego Master, he is also a big fan of our show.

He surprised us with a detailed model of the WMMR studio space, perfectly recreating each member of the staff by surrounding each one of us with our favorite things. Take a tour:

Did you catch all these Easter Eggs?

Caseyboy – Wearing Eagles gear and Phillies hat, holding food in his hand.

Nick McIlwain– Extra big head, Harry potter torso & Bucknell logo on back. Nick-A-Pedia computer because he knows everything and wine goblet for his chardonnay.

Kathy Romano – Target website on her. Wearing a scarf  because she is always cold & extra special handmade shirt. There is also a second Kathy for when our leading lady is ready for an outfit change.

Steve Morrison – Laptop (showing porn) on chair because he always stands. Dare Devil statue on his desk.  Steve is made from a Batman torso and Dr. Chet Wainwright wig.

Marisa Magnatta –  A smaller leg figure because she’s so short. Holding a Vegetarian Weekly menu.

Pierre Robert – Tie Dyed shirt, beard & coffee cup.

Preston Elliot – painted beard. Rush Shirt. Reading Bizarre File stories. Nearby drumsticks, guitar and magnifier for noticing.

Bill Weston –Privileged—3 legged stool.


Take another look: