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28th January 1963: Michael Winner directs English actress Diana Dors (1931 - 1984) in a bedroom scene for the crime drama 'West 11'. (Photo by Norman Potter/Express/Getty Images)


Quick, someone turn off Bill Weston’s radio… we’re talking about intercourse. 


What topics were covered?

According to sex toy retailer LoveHoney, having sex at a music festival is quite the trend these days. They surveyed 1,000 people to find out the most popular concerts for getting it on:  #1 was Lollapalooza with 23% of guests admitting to having sex on the festival grounds. Is that why Marisa went to Chicago this summer? Next on the list was Coachella with 14.3% followed by Austin City Limits (10%), Burning Man (9%), and SXSW (7.5%).

DE/PA/NJ we challenge you to get Firefly on that list next year.


For anyone who prefers oral sex, listen up cause this one is for you. The rate of oral cancers caused by the Human Papilloma Virus – and no that is not a province in Spain – are on the rise in Canada. Since HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection worldwide, just another reason to not like Canada.


Are you guilty of being or doing one of these? Or maybe you’re the victim of a lavish, attractive narcissist?

“Love-bombing”: a seductive tactic where a manipulative person controls another person with affection, attention, and promises of the future with nothing to back any of these.

The “task master” uses dating apps or people you’ve met to con dates into doing chores for them.

“Divorced Roommates” these people are unfortunately stuck with their ex due to a lease or contract that legally binds them to stay in the same place. **It is possible that these people could become hobo-sexual in order to avoid the consistent confrontation.

“Hobo-sexual”: is someone who hooks up with people just so they have a place to stay for a while AKA the DENNIS system: