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Easily one of the BIGGEST sporting events of the year is the Mayweather/McGregor fight on Saturday night – its enormity rivals the Super Bowl.

Over the years, we have struck up a friendship with UFC Fighter, Eddie Alvarez. So we asked the Kensington native to weigh in on the upcoming fight. Take a listen:

It has been less than a year since Alvarez fought against Conor McGregor in the octagon (November 12th, 2016) and ultimately, unfortunately, fell victim to McGregor’s stand up game.

Despite McGregor’s background in boxing and decent stand up game in MMA, Alvarez thinks that the fight on Saturday can go one-sided, in Floyd Mayweather’s favor, if the fight goes beyond 3 rounds. Eddie reluctantly admitted, “Conor has a small probability of winning, it’s small but it’s there,” but only early in the fight. “After 4, when this becomes a technical boxing match, this can look one sided.”

What does Alvarez expect to see in those early rounds? Once they shake the tenseness and settle their feet hopefully Mayweather follows his plan and comes forward which will take away Connor’s range and ability to think and process… “but I don’t know if Floyd has it in him to do that.”

You bet your ass Alvarez will be ringside watching the fight.  He called in from the Philly airport, while waiting for his flight to Las Vegas.  It’s the first time Eddie will be back in Sin City since filming UFC reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 26, earlier this year at the same facility where McGregor has been training.

After the fight this weekend, make sure you cheer for Team Alvarez while watching The Ultimate Fighter 26 premiere on August 30th at 10PM on Fox Sports 1